Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Intro and Air Travel Tips

Well I guess first of all I should introduce myself.  I am Amie and I am a mom to a 13 month old boy named Tavish (born March 20, 2008).  I am currently not working but I am hoping to find a job in September.  I finished school when I was pregnant, I defended my master’s thesis when I was 5 months pregnant, and completed my masters when I was 8 months pregnant (I procrastinate a lot).  I studied fish biology but I am not too sure if I will be able to find a job in that field so we’ll see what happens.  As for this blog I plan on writing about my adventures with my son but I would like to focus on 3 things, travelling with a little one (we are going on a few trips this summer), cloth diapers (I am a huge advocate of cloth: it’s good for your baby, good for the environment), and job hunting.
Air Travelling with a Baby
Both my husband and I love to travel and it’s a good thing because both our parents live across the country from us.  My husbands parents live in Winnipeg and my family lives in Grande Prairie, AB.  Tavish has become quite the little travelling in his 13 months.  Our first trip was to Calgary for my Convocation when Tavish was just over 2 months old.  It was just Tavish and me on this trip and I made the hugest mistake possible by not bringing a stroller with me (my aunt was letting me use hers there).  Not having a stroller in the airport was a giant pain in the butt.  I did bring a baby carrier but with a diaper bag, coats, the carrier, and Tavish going through security was such a stress.  Other than that hiccup it was a great trip and Tavish slept on the plane the whole time.  Travel Tip: bring a stroller.  
The next trip was to Grande Prairie for my brother’s wedding (Tavish 4 months old) and I brought the stroller this time and the flight was a success (I few to GP with just Tavish but flew back with my husband).  Travel Tip: when you are flying Westjet always book your seats at the back of the plane with one parent on the isle and the other by the window chances are no one will sit in the middle and if there is someone there (never has been with us) I am sure would be more than willing to give up the middle seat.
Our next trip was to Winnipeg to visit Kyle’s family (Tavish 6 months old) and a friend told us the most wonderful thing: if you are on a direct flight with Westjet you can ask to hold a seat for your infant and you can bring a car seat without having to pay for it if that seat is available (see travel tip above on how to have your family sit together).  It was a great trip and a great flight because Tavish was in the car seat (so much easier).  Our family then took a road trip but I will leave that story for another day.
Our latest trip was to Washington DC.  My husband was there working so I thought I would join him for the weekend.  Tavish was 11 months and just starting to walk, I had the stroller with me and lots of food and toys but he really wanted to walk.  He was really shaky on his legs and bailed big time into the metal ledge around the windows just before our flight was to board.  I was pretty frantic trying to get him calmed down and get all our stuff packed before boarding but we did make it (blood pressure was pretty high I’m guessing).  He was pretty good on the fights but he sure had his moments;  it is so much easier to fly with a 2-6 month old than it is an 11 month old. Travel tips for an 11 month old: bring lots of snacks, bring lots of toys (only give one at a time and expect them all to land on the floor at some point), have a window seat (he loved to open and close the shade and hit the window and better the window then the person next to me), ask if the flight is full and if it’s not see if they will hold the seat next to you, and expect a melt down on the plane (there is not much you can do about it but look apologetic and you won’t get so many mean glances.  As for our next trip I am planning on taking my son in a few weeks back to GP by myself and then on to Calgary, should be an adventure.  We are also taking a family trip to Florida with my in-laws but again I will save more of that for another day.  
Well I look forward to hearing your travel tips and telling more stories about travel, cloth diapers and job hunting.

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