Friday, July 1, 2011

Creative Diapers - Emergency Diaper Solutions

What do you do when you have run out of diapers?  Well I asked my fellow BabyCenter Cloth Diapering Mama's to show me their most creative diapers made out of random house hold things.  So if you are ever in a situation where you need an emergency diaper we might just have the solution for you (okay maybe not) but here is what we came up with:

1. It's Comical - Newspaper Diaper (submitted by me, model Callen)
2. Uno Diaper (submitted by Connie, model Mason)
3. Bums'R'US (model Apollo)
4. Wash Rag (submitted by Heather, model Estrella)
5. Sleepy Head AKA Pillow Case (submitted by Heather, model Estrella)
6. Gift wrapped - in a maternity shirt (submitted by Heather, model Estrella)
7. Scottish Kilt (submitted by Heather, model Estrella)
8. humuhumunukunukuapauu (submited by me, model Callen)
9. A Strolling Mishap -worked great on a walk when diapers ran out (model Juliana)
10.  TP Diaper
11. Gift Bag Diaper (finally a use for those things)
12.  Kitchen Towel Diaper (Submitted by Amanda, Model Lucas)

13.  Throw it away already diaper - the shirt you just wish you're husband would get rid of (Submitted by Amanda, model Lucas)
14. Bra Diaper (Submitted by Amanda, Model Lucas)
15. Bubble Butt (Submitted by Me, model Callen)
16. Marshmallow Diaper (Submitted by Me, model Callen)
17. Adam (Submitted by Bridget, model Roman)
18. All tied up - from chair to diaper in seconds

I know there are a few more out there and I will continue to add them as they come it.  Thanks Ladies these diapers look GREAT.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bee Changed - A Diaper Review

As many of you know I'm a big cloth diaper fan, in fact when I first started a blog it was called Travel, Fluff, and Other Stuff (on Everything Mom).  I often did diaper reviews and one of my first posts was about how I got into cloth diapering.  When a new cloth diaper store called The Little Bee Cloth Diaper Company was looking for people to review their new diapers I jumped at the chance.  I LOVE trying new fluff and they were kind enough to send me one.

the Company and the Diaper:
The Little Bee Cloth Diaper Co is quite new and and their biggest claim to fame is their misson to provide orphans around the world with clean cloth diapers.  For every cloth diaper that is purchased (and along with this review) a diaper will be donated to an orphan in need (you can read more about their story and mission).

The diaper that I am reviewing is the Bee Changed Microsuede Diaper in Guatemalan Morning Mud.  The Bee Changed is a onesized pocket diaper with snap closures.  The one part of this diaper that sets it apart from most others is the elastic waist in the front and back of the diaper.  This diaper also come with two microfiber inserts which can be snapped together.

 The Bee Changed Diaper
The Bee Changed Diaper Insides

the Tester:
When testing a diaper in ideal conditions the subject would fit a variety of age, weight, and body shapes.  I however only have access to my son (there are other people who are testing this diaper with different babies so their reviews might be more helpful if your baby is not built like mine - facebook should have access to them).
Callen is 7 months old, weighs about 18lbs, and is about 28 inches long.  He fits the skinnier mold of babies.

My Review

Overall the Bee Changed Microsude diaper is a well made and well constructed diaper.  The outer PUL lining is the softest I've ever felt and that softness holds up on even after line drying.  The microsuede lining is very soft, pulls away wetness, and is easy to remove solid waste.  The microfiber inserts are VERY absorbent in fact the second time I used the diaper I used the small newborn diaper instead of the regular one and it held up really well, no leaking.  The elastic on the front of the diaper is a good idea (especially for babies not yet on solid food) but the snaps then tend to snap a bit farther apart than other brands.  My son is  now crawling and the diaper moves very well, does not bunch and seams very comfortable.  My only complaint about these diapers are that the snap down only has two snaps across instead of three which creates puckering.

Trying to show the puckering (I have the diaper adjusted to the second rise)

 Finally my only suggestion for the future would be to offer fun prints, I know I LOVE prints but the colors available are really beautiful.  This diaper is worth the price and worth buying, your money is going a long way with this diaper especially sense each diaper you buy is really two (one for your baby and one for a child in  need).  I'd buy more and their wipes too (I was given a sample a few weeks ago and they are really great and very cute).

Action Shots

Fine print: This diaper was given to me by the Little Bee Diaper Co. in return for a review.  I am not affiliated with them at all and I gave my honest opinions on the diaper.  I was not solicited to make a good review for them, it just happens that I like their product.  If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me at andweareoffto @ gmail . com or contact Little Bee directly here.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Summer in Northern Virginia is a mixed blessing for this Canadian.  While my family had snow June 1st, I was suffering through a week on 40 degree weather (Celsius that is ~ 104 F), I'm really not sure who had it worse.  But the nice thing about living here is that when it's warm there are so many nice pools where we can cool off in.  Our favorite at the moment is the Watermine.  It's the perfect waterpark for young kids and we go fairly often.

Our last trip gave us the opportunity to try out our new water camera, while we still need to do a bit more testing, like taking pictures under water, but it did do a good job of getting nice a wet.

What are you doing to me?
This sure is fun
Family floating time 
Watch out for the waterfall
Again, again
Yuck a frog swallowed me
Big Boy Slide
NO! He is not peeing

Friday, June 17, 2011

Best S'mores EVER

On our first camping trip of the season we managed to bring everything we needed BUT chocolate for our s'mores.  I could not believe this, how can you have s'mores without the chocolate?  The answer: Oreos.
We always pack Oreos with us when we camp and it turns out they make better S'mores than the traditional graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow treat.  It was the BEST S'MORE EVER (especially when Mint Oreos are used).

How to make an Oreo S'more:

Step One: Open bag of Oreos and remove an oreo from bag

Step Two: Twist off top of Oreo and place on plate or side of chair for later

Step Three: Open marshmallow bag and put marshmallow on stick

Step Four: Roast marshmallow to perfection

Step Five: Put roasted marshmallow on one side of oreo then place other side on top of marshmallow to make sandwich

Step Six: Enjoy best S'more ever made

 Lesson in Marshmallow Safety
 Time to Roast
 Looks yummy.  Do I get one?
 Expert Roaster (Orange line is our fire safety DO NOT cross line), worked great.
 First Bite
 It sure is good
 Jumbo marshmallow roasted to perfection
 Okay maybe Jumbo marshmallows were not such a good idea
 Callen's Turn (NO I did not let him eat this, I'm sure he would have though)

 Callen's Turn to Roast (NO I did not let him put this in the fire, he was much to far away)

Oreo S'mores are good

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Prince William Forest Park Camping

Our first camping trip of the season was over Easter weekend (yes I am terribly behind in my blogging) and we headed to Prince William Forest Park.  We had a bit of an adventure getting there as traffic was terrible and the clouds were getting pretty dark.  We did have a bit of rain and had our first meal in our tent trailer but the rest of the weekend was quite nice despite a wet forecast.

This was our first camping trip of the season and our first camping trip as a family of four and what amazes me most is how well of a packing job we did (considering how disorganized I've been).  We only missed a few things (one being chocolate for smores but I'll get into that in another post).

Callen's first camping trip was super smooth with no major sleeping issues.  He did get up a few time in the middle of the night but he was in our bed so it was easy to calm him back down or feed him if needed.  Camping with a baby in a camper is really easy.  Hopefully we'll have lots of trips this summer.

 Supper Inside
 Yum (Callen's 3rd day of solid food)
 Chilling outside
 Best Camping Chair Ever (KirstiG)
Pepper anyone?