Sunday, July 25, 2010

25 Weeks and I'm Back

Well I look a bit of a break from Blogging while I was in Alberta visiting my family.  I'm back now and almost ready to share all my travel tips, products and pictures but that will wait for another day as today is my pregnancy update.  I am 25 weeks along but still not feeling so hot and it could be the stupid hot weather we are experiencing here.  I really miss Alberta where the weather was tolerable.  Today my baby is about the size of a rutabaga (again what is with these weird veggies).  Anyway I'm getting pretty huge so here are the new photo's at 23 and 24 weeks.

23 weeks after hiking to the top of a Mountain (I did cheat and take a Tram most of the way up but it was still quite a hike) and this will be the only naked belly picture I take.
24 weeks at my grandparents 50 wedding anniversary with my cousin and my sister.

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