Thursday, January 6, 2011


I find with blogging I aim too high and then I fail horribly, thus with this next go around I'm just going to post as we do things.  No Friday tips or whatever, just post when I have the time and when we do something cool.

In 2011 we do have a few fun trips planned, first we have a trip to Florida (March) with my husbands parents aka Nana  and Papa and then in September we are going to Hawaii for two weeks.  Week one will be just our family and week two will be a cruise with my parents (aka Grandma and Grandpa), my sister and brother along with their families.  I also want to find time to head back to Alberta but this will be a solo trip with the boys.  I'm sure we'll have lots of camping trips too when the weather warms up but in the mean time it will be day trips in the D.C. area.

Here are a few of the trips we did in November.

In the 7 short weeks that Callen has be here (Callen was born Nov 13, 7lbs 14oz and 21 inches long) we have already adventured out of the house a lot.  Prior to his birth I took my mom and grandma (aka Gigi) to visit the monuments in D.C. (I was 40 weeks pregnant)

At the American History Museum

When Callen was 4 days I took my mom and grandma to the C&O pathway for his (and my grandmas) first trip to Maryland.
 C&O Pathway

When Callen was 5 days old we went to the Dulles Air and Space Museum.  This will be his first trip of many.
The whole gang at the Air and Space Museum

When Callen was 6 days old my mom, grandma and I ventured out to Maryland again to a craft show (which was very interesting as it was outside which I did not know it was, good thing we are all Canadian aside from Callen and know how to dress warm).  Once my family left we had a few calm weeks with only a few trips to the mall and such (to get Santa pictures -I had all my shopping done prior to Callen's arrival)
Santa looks funny but Tavish was so cute

As you can see I'm not a mom who likes to stay at home, I find keeping busy and getting out of the house keeps me sane and wards off the baby blues.  I make sure I keep my diaper bag stocked with extra clothes, diapers and a nursing cover and we're good to go anywhere.

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