Friday, June 17, 2011

Best S'mores EVER

On our first camping trip of the season we managed to bring everything we needed BUT chocolate for our s'mores.  I could not believe this, how can you have s'mores without the chocolate?  The answer: Oreos.
We always pack Oreos with us when we camp and it turns out they make better S'mores than the traditional graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow treat.  It was the BEST S'MORE EVER (especially when Mint Oreos are used).

How to make an Oreo S'more:

Step One: Open bag of Oreos and remove an oreo from bag

Step Two: Twist off top of Oreo and place on plate or side of chair for later

Step Three: Open marshmallow bag and put marshmallow on stick

Step Four: Roast marshmallow to perfection

Step Five: Put roasted marshmallow on one side of oreo then place other side on top of marshmallow to make sandwich

Step Six: Enjoy best S'more ever made

 Lesson in Marshmallow Safety
 Time to Roast
 Looks yummy.  Do I get one?
 Expert Roaster (Orange line is our fire safety DO NOT cross line), worked great.
 First Bite
 It sure is good
 Jumbo marshmallow roasted to perfection
 Okay maybe Jumbo marshmallows were not such a good idea
 Callen's Turn (NO I did not let him eat this, I'm sure he would have though)

 Callen's Turn to Roast (NO I did not let him put this in the fire, he was much to far away)

Oreo S'mores are good