Monday, January 9, 2012

Days 6-9 -More Gymnastics, Hanging out at Grandma's, Travel and Snow

Day 6:  We had another fun day at my moms work. Tavish is showing off his new skills he learned while going to gym with my mom.

Callen was not too sure about the pit at first but after he saw how much fun we all were having he started to climb in himself.

Day 7: As you can see Hockey has really had an impact on Tavish.  I think I might have a future hockey player on my hands.  I hopes ride with Callen to LOVE soccer, then again Tavish is only 3.75.  I'm sure all I need to do is take him to a soccer game and I'll win him over.

Here is just a cute picture of Callen, all he did today was run around my parents house causing destruction but how can you get mad at this face.
Day 8 - Travel day
One thing that makes traveling with kids easy is child friendly airports.  While the Grande Prairie airport is really small they did think about kids and have a few small play centers set up.  Small centers like these make parents lives so much easier (come on Toronto even Grande Prairie is doing a better job than you).

 The Edmonton Airport is by far the most child friendly airport that I have been too.  Even the US customs side had an area for kids.  If you are flying local through Edmonton and you have time you should take your kids to the playground, it really helps kid blow off some energy.

 I can't really say much about how child friendly the Chicago airport is (I know 3 planes in one day is so much fun), as we only had 50 minutes and had to change terminals.  It was a long travel day but having Callen in his own seat though really made my life much easier.

Day 9 - Finally at Home
Not much snow in Alberta but it was snowing here.  Let the panic begin.

Angry Birds - Tavish's new favorite game but not on the iPad but with blocks and stuffed birds and pigs.  It only works though if we can build the blocks faster than Callen can knock them down.