Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year and Day 1 Photos - On The Road

I had hoped to start off the new year with a few photos as I plan on doing 366 days of photos but I have some how misplaced my camera so until I find it there will be no photos.  I really should make a resolution to be more organized. 
While 2011 was a busy travel year for my family (most of which I never got around to blogging about - sewing diapers took up too much of my time), 2012 looks like it will be almost as busy.  Especially with my husbands work travel being much more significant too.

We started 2012 off with a small road trip from Edmonton (where we were watching the World Jr Hockey tournament) to GP.  I will be spending the next week here and praying it won't be too cold before I take the boys back to Virginia.

I'll add photos of the boys from our road trip when I find my camera but despite a packed car (two kids, my parents, brother, and myself all in the truck) it was an uneventful 4 and a half hour drive.  I am so thankful that my boys travel well.

I really hope to keep working on this blog and not let it slide as I usually do but I have just started my own Diaper Shop so we'll see if I can handle both as well as being a stay at home mom.  Wish me luck and I hope you all have a wonderful new year.

Found my Camera
Day 1 Photos: On the Road
 Tavish kept entertained by playing games on the iPad.  While I'd never buy one for him, having an iPad loaded with kids game will keep most kids entertained on long road trips.
Keeping a 1 year old entertained is a bit more challenging (I really don't want him playing with an iPad yet and I don't trust him with it anyway) but he did find Tavish's headphones amusing for a bit even though they weren't connected to anything.

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