Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Animal Kingdom

I love Animal Kingdom, I must say of the four DisneyWorld Parks it is one of my favorites.  I know lots of people who hate this park (I think it's because they assume that it is like Magic Kingdom, which it's not).  Animal Kingdom is much more relaxing and calm than Magic Kingdom and while many tour books say you can do it in a day, I disagree.  We only had one day here and we missed so much, we did get the highlights but we could have easily spent another day wondering around.  I'm sure you could see and do everything if you rushed about but then you would miss out on all the wonderful things this park has to offer.

We started the day a bit late as we did not finish our breakfast until 9:30, which worked well as it was when our fastpasses for Kilimanjaro Safari were ready to use (park tip: if you are at the park of opening, I highly suggest getting a fastpass for Kilimanjaro Safari and then ride Kilimanjaro this way you can go on the safari twice and by the time your done you'll only have a few minutes to kill until you can use another fastpass).  Riding Kilimanjaro in the morning is ideal as the weather is usually a bit cooler and the animals are more active, it's fun to ride both in the morning and afternoon to see the difference in animal behaviors (this could just fascinate me as I was a biologist and I'm interested in these things).

We were not using the Unofficial Guide book today but rather just doing the things that interested us but I highly suggest this book to those who want to make the most of their day.   As we had been to Disney World a few years ago I really wanted to see the shows that we had missed. Our first trip we were more into the rides and this time we were more into the shows and in my opinion the shows are better than the rides.  We did pick up a few fastpasses while we waited for the shows.  The first show we saw was the Lion King which was great.  Tavish loved the gymnast monkeys and still talks about the man playing with fire.  The next show of the day was the Nemo Musical but we had time to ride Dinosaur before (this ride people either love or hate and I quite enjoy it but it's bumpy).  The Nemo Musical was amazing and I suggest going early to get a good seat, the theater is huge but some seats are better than others.  Nemo was not a simple musical by any means, it goes above and beyond most of the other Disney shows that I have seen (there are still a few of the major ones that I have yet to see so I can't say it's the best Disney show).

After Nemo we had some lunch in Dino Land USA and then we had time to go to It's Tough to be a Bug before staking out our spots for the parade.  A Bugs Life is NOT suitable for young kids, and I should have known this as we saw it a few years ago (I think Tavish slept though it) but now that he's three he understood more of what they were saying and the extra effects really scared him.  Callen also hated the spraying of water, so at one point we had two screaming boys.  As an adult I quite enjoyed this 3D movie but I won't be taking my preschooler to see it next time.

It was getting time to stake out our parade spots (I really wanted to see a parade as we were rained out of the Magic Kingdom one), once we found our spots I held down the fort while my in-laws took Tavish to play with some of the hands on activities that Animal Kingdom has all over the park (you don't notice these if you are rushing from ride to ride).  We found a great spot at the beginning of the parade route so when the parade was done we could ride Kilimanjaro Safari again.  The parade was great and so was the safari (not many people in line as most were watching the parade).  

The last thing we did that day was ride Everest which is the third best roller coaster in DisneyWorld in my opinion (Rock'n'Roller Coaster and Space Mountain are better).  We finished the day with dinner at the Yak and Yeti, which was really good.   

This was my favorite day at Disney, we figured out what went wrong at Magic Kingdom and the weather did not suck (always a bonus).  I can't wait to go back as we missed all the jungle treks and we never went on the river rapids.  This is a great park especially when you take the time to enjoy it.

 Black Rhino
 White Rhino
 No Butts about it the safari is fun
 "Mom make the Rhino say roar"
 Tavish with some Character (don't know who this is)
 The monkey's from the Lion King
 Chip or Dale at the parade
 "Mom it's Minnie, it's Minnie"
What at me?

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