Tuesday, April 26, 2011

White House Egg Roll - Photo CRAZY

We were really lucky this year to win tickets to the White House Egg Roll.  While we were not in the group where Obama spoke we did have a great time.

 After waiting over 2hrs in 30 degree sunshine (86 f) we finally got inside - an hour after we were suppose to they really need to work on line control
 Hanging out on the south lawn
 Family photo
 History Lesson
 This is fun
 Getting ready for the egg roll
 I'd rather go in the huge house
 Hit that egg - Tavish took his time hitting the egg but I guess he was just making the most of waiting in the long line
 So proud of his new plant

Ohh what is this?
 Getting some food after the long day
 Ohh I'll have some food too
 Yum Yum
 Getting a nice ride home
Two family photos in one day
So proud of his Egg Roll Certificate 


  1. How cool is that! I love the pics, looks like an amazing day!!

  2. Wow, cool!! I can't wait to visit Washington DC one day!

  3. Washington is worth the visit, I really hope we get to live here longer. I just love all the fun and free stuff to do.

  4. wow how amazing is it to be invited to an amazing event
    Sky being 3 still does not understand easter, or christmas or so forth. She does not get the excitment behind it like I do. I do not know if this is part of her syndrome or not, but I hope one day she gets as excited as I was. Im glad you got to visit Washington, beautiful pictures