Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lesson Learned

Well my camera is currently loading the thousands of pictures I took on this trip (okay maybe not that many) and while they are processing I though I'd write a post about the lessons I learned this trip.

Disney is suppose to be the most Magical Place on earth and every trip is suppose to be the best time EVER.  Our first trip to Disney World two years ago was just that trip...Magical, Wonderful, and one of my favorite trips.  I went into this trip with high expectations and when these expectations were not met I really struggled at times to have a good time.

First, I cannot control the weather. As much as I would love to be in control of the weather and make everyday sunny and 25 (77 degrees F), unfortunately weather is out of my hands.  There is very little I can do to ensure that weather does not suck and I have to learn to deal with it when bad weather strikes.  And I'm not talking about a bit of rain, rain I can deal with.  I'm talking about severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes.  This weather prevented us from going into the parks at all and we were stuck in our hotel room (thankfully it was a two bedroom suite).  I think the worst part was this hotel day was I was so excited to take Tavish to Disney Hollywood Studio to watch the car show which I knew he would LOVE.  Instead he spent most of the day playing with his Nana and Papa while I read a book in the other room.  Building alternative plans for bad weather is something I never considered and I'll make sure I do this next time.

Second, I cannot control the reactions of a three year old.  There were times when I was so sure that Tavish would LOVE something and instead he just hated it or did not want to do it - where is the magic?????   I also had to learn to give of some of the special reactions (when there were some) to someone else and this was not something that I was expecting to do.  Having a grandparents who do not get to see Tavish very often join us meant that they got a lot of Tavish's attention.  I had to learn to cope with this but also to speak up (to my husband) when I wanted to spend some time in Disney with my son.

Finally, I can't control the health of my family.  The first few days Tavish was not feeling 100 percent (he had some stomach bug) and I'm sure that is why he was a bit grouchy.  Then for the last few days Kyle caught the same thing.  I know Kyle tried to have a good time despite being sick but it's just not the same and I really do appreciate him trying, it's not fun being on a vacation when your sick.

Despite the weather, the three year old and grandparents and despite the sickness we did have a great trip.  It might now have been the most Magical, Wonderful, and Best Trip Ever but it was still a great trip.


  1. You survived AND it turned out to be a great trip! Success!

    We had a similarly "cursed" Disney trip last October. At least you remembered the camera... I didn't :P

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  3. Sorry it wasn't the great trip you were hoping for. I remember when I was a kid we were on our way to Disney... Land? World? Whichever one is in California. Anyway, we were almost there when we learned that Disney. Was. Closed. No, really. The workers were on strike. So, instead, I got to go to the Grand Canyon. Oh, yay. The Grand Canyon. What I mean to say is, it could always be worse. ;)

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    We go to Disney quarterly. You just hit it at a bad time. It will be better next trip for sure!