Thursday, April 21, 2011

Breakfast with Donald

I know that I already had a character dinner with Winnie the Pooh but I really wanted to do a meal where Mickey Mouse came and this fit into our schedule perfectly.  We had a 8am reservation and aside from waiting to get our picture with Donald (which was annoying but it was a good picture) we were seated really quickly.  Breakfast is a buffet which was really, really good.  My only complaint for the whole breakfast was that the Characters did not start making there rounds until 8:30.  The park opens and 9 and it takes about an hour so this meant that we would not be finished breakfast by the time the park opened which we did not really expect.  The good thing about the Tusker House is it's pretty close to Kilimanjaro Safaris so as soon as Kyle saw the crowd moving toward the ride he ran ahead and got us passes.  Armed with our fastpasses we were able to enjoy our yummy, yummy, yummy breakfast.  I highly recommend taking 3 year olds or older to a Character meal, especially if they like a specific character.  Tavish loves Mickey, Minnie and Daisy so this meal was a huge hit for everyone.

 Finally getting our picture with Donald
 Yummy Mickey Waffles 
 Another birthday cake (I forgot I told them it was his birthday)
 Joining in the Congo line
 Daisy, my Love
 Best Day Ever
 Now that Daisy is gone do I have to smile with Goofy
 A bit nervous around Mickey
Fine I'll give you five


  1. Your son looks so cute with all the charcters! I'm glad you had fun! Personally I think you can never have enough birthday cakes!

  2. Super cute! We have never done the character breakfasts... I always wondered if it was worth it. These pics look like it might be :)

  3. i really need to get a block so i can subscribe to yours!

  4. haha meant "blog" stupid auto-correct!