Friday, May 6, 2011

Disney Hollywood Studios AKA Our Hotel Room

So as many of you have read previously this was not the wonderful trip to Disney that I was expecting, there were some high points but this day was by far the worst at least at the beginning.  The two days before had been really good.  I think this day would no have been so bad had we had an accurate weather forecast, initially there were suppose to be thunderstorms in the morning and then clear up in the afternoon.  Nope, we had major thunderstorms all day and the time for the storms to stop kept being pushed back further and further.  Had we know the day was going to be a write-off we would have planned something to do, like go shopping.  Instead we just waited and waited.  Thankfully we had a two bedroom hotel room but still when there are three bored adults (Kyle had work to do) and only one kid who wants to be entertained it makes for some odd moments.  I just hid in one bedroom with Callen most of the day and while I love spending time with Callen this was not really what I had in mind.  Finally in the afternoon once we put the boys down for a much need nap, we send my mother and father-in-law to go shopping (they had an extra day in Florida so they would not be wasting a Disney day).  Around three when the boys got up Kyle and I figured we'd brave the rain and head into DHS anyway.

We really did not do much, we cheated getting a fastpass for the Rock'n'Roller Coaster (I felt a bit bad cheating the system to get the pass but not that bad).  Karma did get me though as I jumped to the single rider line which I thought was faster but was not and then the ride broke so I went back in the rain to find my boys.  We finally found that the Prince Caspian attraction and it did not have a long line.  We'd never seen it so joined the cue.  This was the biggest waste of time ever, starting with the Cast Member who tried to get us to stand in a waterfall of rain while waiting in line (yum no I won't stand there moron) and then the attraction is just a 15 minute re-cap of the movie.  If I wanted to see the movie I would have gone to a theater to watch it.  So if you find yourself in DHS and you see Prince Caspian DON'T do it, biggest Disney Disaster ever, don't waste your time.  After Prince Caspian is was time for dinner, we had reservations at Mama Melrose, dinner was okay the worst of our dinners at the Parks but it was not terrible.  After dinner I finally got to ride the roller coaster before we decided we had enough rain and headed back to our hotel but at least now I was in a better mood.

 Rock'n'Roller Coaster in the Rain
 At least someone was having fun
 Catching rain on your tongue is fun 
 Our map got a little wet
 Want to share some Spaghetti with me?
Best Ice Cream EVER

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  1. You gotta love Disney, rain or shine but admittedly shine is way better! New follower!