Monday, May 9, 2011

Final Day in Orlando

So our final day in Florida was a bright beautiful sunny day and we were heading off to what was suppose to be my highlight: Island of Adventure - HARRY POTTER.  I was SO excited to go here; I love Harry Potter.  So we got up nice and early so we could be at the park at least an hour early.  But things were not to be, I am thinking this trip was cursed.  The line up to get into the park was HUGE.  It turns out that today was the day resort guest get in an hour early (something we try to avoid) and because the weather sucked for most of the week I'm sure every resort guest was in that line.  Harry Potter is a huge draw on the best of days but with the nice weather and early entry today was going to be nuts, not to mention this was during one of spring break.  It was going to be insane.  We always try to avoid the early morning day at Disney and we should have been more organized to avoid it at Universal.  With a very heavy heart we decided to skip Islands of Adventure and head back to Universal Studios instead.  I think this was a good decision as this park was not nearly as busy and we did have a good time.

We rode must of the same rides and then decided to call it an early day.  We went back to our hotel to enjoy the sunny day, the swimming pool and play a round of mini golf.  While it was not my Harry Potter experience but I know I'll go again soon, while Kyle does not want to go back to Disney for a few years maybe I can convince him to do Universal Studios and Sea World instead.

 Up and around we go
 Nana and Papa having fun: they are the first two people in the picture
 Photo's with Donkey
 Tavish sized roller coaster 
 Universal Photo with random girls in it
 Fun in the pool
 Callen doing a back float
 First time under water
 Not too sure
 But now he's having fun
Funny photo of Tavish, not sure why his tummy is so distended.

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