Sunday, May 15, 2011

First Flight

On our way home from DisneyWorld my husband drove our car back and I flew with the boys.  This Callen's first flight and my first time flying with both boys.  I think we did really well.  I was not too stressed even though I had very little time to buy snacks (I did manage to get some, so crisis averted).  I choose to bring both a stroller and a wrap which worked out great and next time I fly in July I'll do the same.  Using both the stroller and wrap gave me lots of options of holding stuff, boys or both.  When people ask me when flying with kids should they bring a stroller or carrier I always say both.  When you are in an airport with lots of stuff it's nice to have a place to hold your stuff or your kids.  The carrier is great for when the stroller needs to be folded (security or pre-boarding), or when the older child decided they want to ride in the stroller.  I found it easier to have Tavish in the stroller while in the long security line as he can play with a book or game while we wait and this way he's not trying to run around or pull on the ropes in the line (one of his favorite things to do, I don't know how many times he's knocked it down).

All in all we had a great trip with very little issues (aside from bad timing for Callen's digestive movements) but the real test come in July when I fly with them both to Alberta.
 Waiting to get on the plane
Ready for take off

Quick flying tips for flying with kids:
  • bring lots of food/snacks - keeps kids occupied and happy (if you can't bring snacks with your make sure that you leave time to buy food while in the airport)
  • bring lots of toys and "special" toys or games - we have a Tag which we only use for travel, we also let my older son play with new cars and games on my iPod Touch (while I'd never buy one for my 3 year old, it makes a great toy while traveling and keeps him occupied for long periods of time)
  • bring a headset - works great for in flight movies (if there are any) and any loud games (iPod, Tag, DVD player)
  • bring new books 
  • let kids run around the airport
  • bring extra clothes for both you and your little ones (especially if you have a baby prone to blowouts and spit-up
  • give yourself lots of time so you can get to your gate, have kids go to the bathroom or changed before your flight and so you won't stress
  • bring both a stroller and a carrier so you have lots of options 


  1. Yes to all that! I don't believe in trying to travel 'light' so much as 'effective'! Great post…from one who has traveled a lot with lots of kids :)

  2. Great tips! I'll be keeping them in mind for our first flight, whenever that may be!

  3. Yep, we've flown with my son many times (to Japan and the US) and those are some good tips! Especially the spare clothes tip!