Sunday, June 27, 2010

21 weeks

Well I am getting there I'm now officially half way done because I don't think my OB will let me go past 41 weeks (not that I want to).  This week according to the Baby Center our baby is the size of a carrot (I find these references so funny because carrots can be any size, bigger or smaller than a banana which the baby was last week, weird.  I think they need to find something other than veggies to reference baby sizes from). This week I had two major appointments: 20 week ultrasound and 20 week OB appointment.  The ultrasound when really well.  They confirmed we are having a boy (there is no question about that), and he's about 13 oz right now (normal size for 20 weeks).  They found a minor issue with his kidney so I'll have to go back for another ultrasound in 8 weeks but it's nothing I'm worried about.  I also have to have an Fetal Echo on Monday but again it's nothing I'm worried about (only because there are a few minor heart issues in my family they just want to rule out).   My OB appointment also went really well, everything looks really good for my VBAC and it does not look like my doctor will play the big baby card or make me schedule a c-section if I don't go into labor on my own.  I really like my OB she is so bubbly and nice, I just have to meet the two other OBs in her practice as one of them will deliver this guy.  I also got the news that my mom can come into the delivery room if this little man decides to out on time (my mom and grandma are coming up the day he's due).  19ish more weeks to go.

20 week Ultrasound pictures

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