Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday's Fabulous Finds - myphones

I don't know about you but there is only so much children's music I can take,  hearing the Hot Dog Dance or Old MacDonald 500 times a trip is not my idea of fun.  We recently  bought our little man his very own set of headphones so we could spare ourselves hours of kids music while on a road trip or flying.  While at Target I was quite surprised at their selection; most kids headphones were cheap looking but not so cheap in price.  I knew they would not last more than one trip with my not so gentle 2 year old and for $19.99 they should last a long time.  Then I came across myphones, there were not cheap  $39.99 (I just found them cheaper at for those interested $26.90 on sale today), but they look solid, like they could take a bit of abuse from a toddler and the best part was they have a "always-on Volume Limiter" so I don't have to worry about him playing with the volume control and damaging his ear drums.  Not only are they practical they are cute too, they come with 3 sets of covers (pink, blue, and orange) and templates for your artistic child to decorate as they see fit. They are also adjustable to fit most kids heads.  I am hoping they will last a long time and this will be the only pair I have to buy until he's 10. I'm looking forward to using these again when we embark on our epic 3 plane trip to Alberta, I know they will come in handy for both his iPod (yes we have a shuffle for him, I'm not about to give up space on my iPod for kid music) and the portable DVD player (desperate times call for desperate measures and I'm not opposed to a little TV or movie as a treat especially in the Toronto Airport which I think is the World Worst Airport for kids).

Tavish in his myphones (he fell asleep listening to his music while coming home from a road trip).

More info about myphones can be found at:

This product was purchased with my own money and I have no affiliation with myphones, target or amazon.

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  1. So cool! We have been looking for some good headphones and were a little worried about the volume. Great find! My son also has his own iPod, it's my old one from before my iPhone :)