Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blog Again

So after a long, long, long break from my blog (I blogged more on Everything mom), I have decided to give things a go again.  I have changed things up, starting with my title: no longer Travel, Fluff and Finding a Job now it's And we're off too....  The change in title comes with a huge change in my life, as we moved from Ontario to Virginia.  The focus on my blog is going to focus on travel and trips and less on fluff and finding a job (not looking for a job right now as I don't have a work permit and we're expecting again). And I am sure that my upcoming pregnancy will creep in here a bit too.

We have done some big trips in the last year: DisneyWorld and the Bahamas in July, Ottawa in August, Washington D.C. in October and November (where we moved to a suburb).  This year we have started doing some local trips and some camping too.  I also went to Switzerland by myself which was interesting while 8 weeks pregnant.  We also have big plans for the rest of the summer and 2011 looks like we'll be traveling lots with the addition of a new baby.  I'll be posting about old and new trips a like.  And starting from now on Every Tuesday will be Travel Tip Tuesday, where I give out a tip on traveling with a newborn, an infant, a toddler, alone with kids, pregnant or (when the time comes) traveling with more than one child.  So for Today's Tuesday Travel Tip:

Travelling while Pregnant:  Never underestimate the power of support socks.  While stylish they are not they are great for circulation and just for peace of mind.

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