Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday's Travel Tips - Pregnant Travels

Today's Travel Tip - Flying (Travelling) While Pregnant

A few more tips for those taking longer flights while pregnant:

-drink lots of water to help keep yourself hydrated
-get a seat near a bathroom (with all that extra water your drinking you'll need to get up to use the facilities a few times)
-walk around as much as you can as this help keeps blood in your legs circulating
-check out the back of the plane on international flights.  There is usually food and drinks back there and it's a great place to stretch and walk for a bit.
-bring as little as possible but make sure you have everything you need including a change of underwear and pants (you never know when a sneeze will be an issue)
-if you suffer from morning sickness, bring a toothbrush, some mints and anything that might help keep food down
-most airplane food is not the greatest so pack some food you know you and you'll baby will like

Note: these tips will work for other modes of transportation such as train and bus trips

I'm about 9 weeks pregnant on my Glacier Express Train Trip in Switzerland.

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