Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fixing the Flat - Last Day of Helmetless Fluffy Hair and Our Activities

Tomorrow Callen will enter into Cranial Technologies with a head full of fluff (I'm not sure I'd call it hair) and will exit with a helmet full of fluff.  He'll have an adjustment period but will have to wear it for 23 hours a day for about 6-8 weeks.  Here are the few pictures of his fluffy head before he gets banded:
100 Days Old - good thing I won't have to hide his eye lashes

 See not much hair, just fluff
 My cutie
 And because this is a trip and travel blog here are some pictures of our activities over the last few days:
 Friday was such a nice day - Tavish had a great time playing in his shorts
Today: no shorts but fun sledding
 Callen not too sure about this sledding thing
 This is how Callen fell asleep with his arms up
 3...2...1... Blast-Off
Mission Control
 Now time for a snack (frozen breastmilk in a bag) Yum.

With a combination of bad weather and the fact I'm still not feeling great, we spent the last few days at home but we did have fun.


  1. frozen breastmilk in a bag? is it like in a special popsickle style bag?
    your kids are such cuties btw. i am enjoying your blog!

  2. That is the BabySteps Healthy Snack Feeder Kit (Amazon) but it's a baby mesh bag and it came with a freezer tray that fits inside. I had a different fresh feeder (Sassy) with my first and I just froze breast milk in a ice cube tray and then used warm water to melt the cube until it fit in the bag. Works great for teething.