Friday, February 11, 2011

Mount Vernon

The second stop on my dad's historical tour of the D.C. area was Mount Vernon. Mount Vernon has historical significance as it was the home of George Washington.  This was my second trip to Mount Vernon and second time seeing it in the winter (we went last year in December with Kyle's mom and sister).  Mount Vernon in the winter is quite beautiful but I would love to venture out here in the spring (before the onslaught of school trips) or fall.  The best part about Mount Vernon in the winter is how quite and peaceful it is.  I think we saw maybe 3 or 4 other small groups wandering around and we even had a private tour of the Mansion.  The problem with coming in the winter is some of the buildings were closed for renovations and the pathways to the dock and stables were closed.

After touring the house and the outlying buildings Tavish was getting grumpy and hungry so headed to the food court.  I must say I was quite surprised at how good the food was here; for museum fast food it was some of the best I've had in a long time.

Unfortunately our visit ended in a bit of ciaos.  I need to finished feeing Callen and then run to the washroom so the plan was that my mom and I would meet the rest of the family in the museum.  Somewhere between the bathroom and the museum Kyle and I musted have crossed paths.  Tavish who was quite tired having missed his nap the day before refused to go in the museum (the gun fire sounds scared him and he was tired).  From the washroom my mom and I met up with my dad in the Museum and I had just assumed that Tavish and Kyle went to the kids discovery room.  Now I did have my cell phone on my but I was told to silence it when we went into the main house and I never turned the ringer back on.  When we got to the kids room and Kyle and Tavish were not there, I looked at my phone and missed 5 calls.  Oops.  Kyle was pretty mad.  Tavish was not going into that museum at all and really needed a nap so we all decided we were museumed out too and headed home.  Aside from Tavish's meltdown and getting lost on the way home (our GPS had issues) we had a great trip to Mount Vernon and I do look forward to coming back in the spring or fall.

Mount Vernon is a great family trip.  It's a good place for kids to run around outside but the roped off areas in the house can bit a bit of a problem for some toddlers and preschoolers.  The museum is really interesting too and it goes though the life of George Washington and the Revolution.  Mount Vernon is a must see if you are in the Washington Area.
Tavish and my parents with the Mansion in the back
Tavish having a great time (before the meltdown)
Callen taking it all in
Tavish had a great time playing in the corner
View from beside the Mansion
Just strolling along - it was a beautiful day
Tavish checking things out with his dad


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  2. Mount Vernon is one of my most favorite places to go around here! Glad to hear you had a (mostly) good time!