Thursday, February 17, 2011

Air and Space yet again.

Can you tell that the Air and Space Museum in Dulles is one of our favorite museums?  This was Callen's fourth trip and at the time he was not even three months old.  As always we had a great trip, we took in an IMAX - Legends of Flight and my dad and I even rode on the spinning simulator (lots of fun aside from the fact my glasses fell off and it took about 20 minutes to find them).  For the most part though the museum has not really changed much in the other 3+ times that we had gone (read here) but I did get a tip from another mom blog about how to take better pictures in this giant museum.  I alway use my flash (I'm a very beginner photographer) and for the most part did not know any better so when I read on the Snot, Tots, and Espresso Shots blog that the flash washed out the pictures, I decided on this trip to go flashless and these were my results:

 We enjoyed the IMAX (which was a great place to feed Callen)

 Tavish loves the little computers
 Callen just hanging out
 McDonalds came though with a great toy

  And in my opinion photos much better than my last trip.


  1. Gorgeous photos! Great job shooting flash-less!

  2. I must admit I'm not that comfortable going flash-less but I think it really worked this time. If only I could get my kids to sit still though.