Monday, February 28, 2011

Maryland Science Center

My family has been to Baltimore a few times, we've been to the National Aquarium, Port Discovery, and the Historical Ships in the Inner Harbor but never to the Science Center.  To be honest I had no idea that there was a science center in Baltimore.  I must say that it is one of the best activities we have done in Baltimore, actually one of the best museums we've been to in awhile.

The best part of science museums is how they are able to capture the attention of both the young and old.  The Maryland Science Center has lots of great hands on activities that not only entertain but also educate.  The hands on activities are also not just geared toward kids so adults without kids don't have to feel stupid giving them a try.

One of the highlights of this particular trip was the egg drop.  Tavish (with a bit of our help) made a container in which a staff member dropped an egg off the 4th floor.  

Egg Drop Vessel
Down it goes
Thunk...We were quite surprised that the egg did not get smashed 
as Tavish cracked the egg before we dropped it.

Kyle and I really enjoyed the Newtons Alley which is a huge touch area.
 Touch a Cloud
My boys having fun 
 Pull that rope
Callen checking out the floating orb

Tavish took a bit of coaxing to get on the bed of nails but after mom and dad gave it a try he figured he should too.

There is a great kids area complete with a water table, play ship, construction games and more.

 Callen working out
 Tavish fishing off the ship
 Water table fun
Callen enjoying the Waterfall

While the rest of the museum was great, Tavish loved the Dinosaur exhibit.  This is by far the best dinosaur exhibit that I have ever been to.  Lots of hands on activities including digging for dinosaur bones and measuring dinosaur feet.

 Digging for a bone
 Dino's are eating the buildings
 Hiding in the bones
 More digging
 Better get those bones in order
Dino's have big feet
Callen's turn to hide in the prints

As you can see we had a great time and lunch was good too.  The food in the museum was standard fair with a flare.  While it was pretty much pizza and burgers, they did have 5 or 6 kinds of burgers and they were pretty good.  

We visited this muesum on a weekend in February which helped with crowd control, I can imagine there would be long waits for some of the more popular hands on activities in the summer or when school groups are present.  However, this is a great museum and I would highly recommend it to anyone who will be in the Baltimore area.  


  1. That looks like such fun! I need to get my girls to more outings like these.

  2. Oh man, I think I need to take a trip up to Baltimore soon!

  3. We hit up the Baltimore Aquarium last year, it was great! Looks like your son loved the water table :) my kids would make the biggest mess ever.. lol