Thursday, January 13, 2011

Without Daddy - Day 4 (Air and Space - Again)

Today we finally managed to get out of the house and we heading for the Air and Space Museum.  While Callen is only 2 months old it was his third trip to see the planes.  Even though both my boys have been to this museum a few time I still think they really enjoy it, well at least Tavish does Callen is a bit young to care.  However, watching someone see all the planes for the first time is quite an experience, Owen was in awe of all the planes and really liked the space shuttle.  Both boys were really well behaved for the most part, they enjoyed a fun ride on the simulator and lunch at "Old McDonlads" is always a highlight.  I do think the highlight of the trip was our trip to the tower where we got to watch the planes land.  It was really funny listening to Owen yell, " another plane mom, another plane".  Despite the few minor squabbles about the use of the little computers, all and all it was a very very good trip.  

After the Air and Space museum it was time for naps.  Callen was not really into napping but it gave us the perfect opportunity to snap a few pictures of him while Tavish and Owen slept.  The rest of the day was pretty low key which is good as we are going to be pretty busy for the next few days.

 Owen trying to get into the Drayton Paper the Western Review 
 Up Up and Away
Watch it the Space Shuttle is Eating my Head 
Enjoying the Simulator Ride 
 Owen getting his coin
My Computer... 
...No MY computer 
Showing off my New Wrap 
 View of the Planes
Afraid of Heights but still Wanting to Take a Look
 The View from the Top
Auntie's Turn 
 Time for the Boys to have Nightmares - Thank-you Transformers
 This is what I need to get to GP next time... in about an hour
 Group Pic
My Canerican or Ameradian - Technically he's just American but we're working on that :)

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