Thursday, March 17, 2011

Adventure Aquarium

Our final stop on our Philadelphia tour was the Adventure Aquarium.  We had a great time until 700 elementary school kids decided to join us.  We figured we were being clever going to a museum on a Monday in February, no school groups visit on a Monday especially in February but boy were we wrong.  We did at least have the Aquarium to ourselves for the first hour and a half.  We made sure that we saw all the touch exhibits and the shark tunnel before the school arrived which was a very smart decision on our part.  There were lots of neat touch exhibits which most aquariums are getting away from.  I understand why from a biological perspective why touch exhibits are bad but they are quite fun.  We touched: sharks, rays, starfish, crabs, lobsters, and jellyfish.  It was my first time touching a jellyfish on purpose (I got stung a few times by small jellyfish when we were in the Bahamas) but this one did not sting.

Don't loose a finger to the sharks 
Did you see that Ray?
I'd rather play with these Rays

When we had finished all the touch tanks we moved on to the shark tunnel.  In order to get to the shark tunnel you pass by the hippo enclosure and I have never seen such lively hippos (I've see a lot of hippos in my time).  They were moving around like crazy it was amazing. 

Swimming Hippos

The shark tunnel was pretty amazing too but I had a hard time tying to get a good picture with a shark in the background (I need to work on  my photography).  I kinda wish we had come on a Saturday and then I could have swam with the sharks, maybe next time.
 GET ME OUT OF HERE (not a fan)
Oooo, Sharks I like sharks or maybe just my reflection

All in all this was one of the better aquariums that I have been to but unlike the Baltimore and Boston Aquariums this one does not handle 700 screaming kids very well.  We left much sooner than we would have had the elementary school not been there. 


  1. Looks like you and your family know how to have fun!
    I'm from the mountains and yet my biggest fears are sharks and jellyfish.

  2. What a fun place! I love Philly, and will have to check this place out next time we are there. I'm also a Canadian living in the US! :)

  3. Looks like such fun! Your making great memories for them =)

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  5. Hey, Was just there this Saturday with my kids (2 &4 ) and LOVED it! I used to live in the Philly area and moved away when I got married. Now we get to do all the fun "touristy" things when we go back. If you go back up that way and you haven't done so already, check out the Crayola Factory in Easton, PA and then head up to the Pocono's for some of the fun the "mountains" as to offer. I am sure they are no match for what you had close to you when growing up, but do make for a fun weekend trip. Can't wait to bookmark this blog. It is so refreshing to find another family that loves to travel and does so with kids. Being the youngest and travelling quite a bit prior to having kids, all I heard from my siblings was "Enjoy it now b/c you won't be able to do that once you have kids." Boy how my husband and I love to prove them wrong! Now if only we didn' have to work-LOL!