Monday, March 14, 2011

Franklyn Institute - Amazing, Change and Dinosaurs

There were still a few things to see on the second floor and we had bought tickets to see a dinosaur 3D movie.  After the Air Show we moved on to the Changing Earth.  Changing Earth was the least interesting area of this museum for young kids but it is the most environmentally friendly and educational.

Next we moved on to Amazing Machines - there were a few hands on machines that were really interesting when we got the chance to use them. 
  • Mommy Rant:  Even when a museum is not busy, please make sure your child SHARES the hands on exhibits.  One minute or two tops if some other child wants to play and it's up to the PARENT to tell their child they need to share.
Tavish found the crane to be interesting but he was a bit disappointed because he thought we said this exhibit was about Mighty Machines not Amazing Machines.  I personally found the Henri-Maillardet-Automaton machine the most interesting.  It's crazy how a machine can draw better than I can, okay not that amazing when a 5 year old can draw better but you get my point.  

By the time we finished the second floor it was time to watch the Dinosaur movie.  The nice part about the Dinosaur movie is that it was only 20 minutes long and Tavish loved it.  I personally did not find it the best example of 3D cinematography but really what was I expecting. 


  1. Hi Amie! I came on over from Mama's Gotta Go to say hello and a belated Happy Bday to your husband! Sounds like you keep busy going places with your kids too. I noticed your to see list...great stuff around our area to do. Have you heard of Brownie Beach (1hr. South of Annapolis, about the same from DC). We love it here and go as soon as school lets out. We search for sharks teeth and find them everytime. Plus swimming in the Bay and playing in the sand. Higly recommend it! Cheers and have a great day:)

  2. I have not heard of Brownie Beach but I will check it out some time soon. I love beaches.