Friday, March 4, 2011

Please Touch Museum - Top Floor

Our first stop on our Philly tour was the Please Touch Children's Museum.  The Please Touch Museum was one of the reasons why I wanted to go to Philadelphia in the first place.  However I must say I was a little let down and I don't think it lived up to the best Children's Museum in the USA.  That is not to say that everything was a let down just some parts.  It might not be the best Children's Museum in the US but I'm sure it's one of the top 10 (but I've only been to 2 so it's in the top 2 I've been to).

Our first area we tackled was River Adventures.  I am pretty sure that Tavish had a great time here as we had to coax him to move to another area but he's 3 and likes pretty much every water table he's been to.  In comparison to other water exhibits this one was just okay.  It had the potential to be great but I think a lot of it was not working properly.  I am pretty sure there was a wave simulator that was not working and there were not many boats and ducks for the kids to play with (there were not many kids yet).  When I compare this water exhibit to the one at Port Discovery Children's Museum in Baltimore, Baltimore wins.  (sorry there are no pictures I was feeding Callen and I had the cameras)

Once we got Tavish away from the water, we moved on to the Roadside Attraction.  This was really well done and quite a lot of fun.  There were lots of cars for the kids to play with and even a real SUV which kids could play in and fill up with gas (the gas was not real).  Tavish's favorite was the crane which he could operate to pick up balls.  The best part of the crane was it was timed so that no child could "hog" the crane. (one of my huge pet peeves).  We played here early in the morning so it was not that busy and Tavish did not have to wait long to play but when this area gets busy I could imagine there might be some unhappy kids.

 Tavish on the job
Fill it up please

From the road we moved to the sky into Flight Fantasy.  This was another fun area but only because it was not crowded (yet).  The highlight was the flying rocket ships where kids could make their own rocket ship and then launch them.  

 Tavish would not leave this ball dropper
 Going for a run
Callen even enjoyed this area
Rocket Launcher

Our final stop on the top floor was the program room where Tavish had no interest in doing the craft but beelined for the trucks.  The crafts that they demonstrating looked like a lot of fun but like I said the trucks were much to distracting.  

 Trucks, Trucks, oh wait this one is broken
 Oh a propeller...Can I eat it?
Hey Tavish! I want a ride.

Wow there is a lot to do here and I have a lot to say so I'm going to leave the bottom floor for another post.

Sorry about the quality of pictures I'm still working on how to get good shots of kids in a museum.


  1. how timely! i'm planning a trip to philly, including please touch, to celebrate my daughter's 7th birthday in 3 weeks. her little brother is going to love that car area. thanks for posting about your trip.


  2. If I don't get to it before you go to Philly you NEED to go to the Franklyn Institute -Amazing

  3. wow thats wonderful to be able to travel with the family looks like fun and love the baby in the truck how cute newest follower from mbc

  4. Oh how fun! Your blog header picture is great! I'm a new follower from the MBC. Follow me to my blog.