Saturday, March 12, 2011

Franklyn Institute - Electricity and Flying

When my husband finally convinced me to leave the Giant Heart Exhibit we moved on to Electricity.  This exhibit was shocking - literary - beware the electrostatic ball and passing a camera to your husband (I thought the shock it created wrecked our camera thankfully it was just a shock).  Our whole family has enjoyed this exhibit.  I could not get my husband on the disco dance floor but Tavish and I enjoyed it.  Lots of games and other hands on activities.  I just love this museum.

How much electricity does a magnet create?
Callen's electric stare

Next we moved on to the Franklyn Air Show which was really interesting.  This exhibit is best to hit early in the morning as there are lots of fun hands on activities that could get packed up later in the day.  There are a few extra activities here that looked like fun but cost extra and have height requirements (fighter pilot and flight simulators) but non of our kids met the requirement maybe next time.

Air show time
Tavish loved flying the kite plane
Don't crash
Windy wings
Training on the simulator
Now for the real thing (not really)

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  1. Oh man, looks like so much fun! I'll definitely be making a stop there next month when I'm in Philly with Sammy!