Friday, March 18, 2011

Going Postal

A few weeks ago when we had a nice rainy Sunday, we decided to head out to the US Postal Museum in Washington.  My husband for some reason has a fascination with mail (we have already been to the Postal Museum in Canada) so we loaded everyone up and headed out.

The postal museum is not a D.C. highlight and unless you are like my husband and have a fascination with mail then I'd only visit if you have the time or live in the area.

 And people these days get mad when the mail does not show up in 2 days
 Go for a carriage ride
 Kyle looks thrilled but Tavish is enjoying the ride
 Hanging out with a new family

 Deliver the mail by truck
 I want a ride
By road or air or sea (no boats here though)

Most of the exhibits were pretty interesting but some of the stamp collecting ones were boring but I'm not a stamp collector.  I'm not sure that we'll go back but it was worth a look if you live in the area. 

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