Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Patuxent Research Refuge

So a few weekends ago we decided to go visit the oldest wildlife refuge in the country: Patuxent Research Refuge.  They were having an open house and the first trolley rides of the season so we packed up and heading out.

 Feeling the different furs (these animals were not killed for this demonstration but recovered furs)
 Guess what's in the box
 How about a butterfly tattoo?
 Caution! It's a bumpy ride
 Smiles after the trolley ride (it was a bit cold though)
Getting a biology lesson from Dad

We did have an interesting afternoon but that was mainly because of the open house and the extra activities they had (hands on exhibits, reptile show, and lots of interpreters).  The museum was a bit dated even though they say it's state of the art (maybe 10 years ago) and the exhibits in the museum are pretty wordy making them less visually appealing to younger kids.  The trolley ride was okay but we're not really into bird watching.  I'd like to go back when it's a bit warmer to go on the hikes as the park was really quite pretty.

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