Monday, March 7, 2011

Fixing the Flat - 2 weeks

Callen has been in his band for 2 weeks now and things have been going really well.  His head grew 5mm in the first week and 0mm this week.  I'm not to worried about the lack of growth this week because of his massive growth the first week.  His head is starting to look much better and it looks like he'll be out of his band in 4 more weeks (6 weeks in the band).  Here are the latest pictures of my little man in his band and one of him out of it.

My Happy Camper
My little man without his band
Chilling outside
We're Roughin' it
Mr. Drool
I love this shirt, I don't think I'm overprotective
 but I did get asked if he was in the helmet to protect his head while in the Ergo


  1. Your little guy is adorable! My oldest had torticollis and almost needed a band. You'll be amazed with how fast his sides will even out. My son's face was smaller on one side but within a few months of starting PT it caught up. Now at 7 years old you could never tell. I love the shirt btw!!!

  2. He sure knows how to work that band! Such a cutie!

  3. What a cutie! I'm a new follower from the MBC 200 follower's group. Hope you'll follow me as well. :) Sandy