Thursday, March 10, 2011

Franklyn Institute - Heart to Heart

The Franklyn Institute was the highlight of our trip to Philly.  Ever sense I saw the giant heart on an episode of House I knew I had to go here.  How cool is a giant heart which you can walk though (can you tell I'm a bio geek).  Neither the giant heart or the Franklyn Institute disappointed me.

Of course the first thing we had to see was the Giant Heart.  While the walk though Giant Heart is the big attraction there was so much more to see and do at this exhibit.  I think what Tavish enjoyed the most was the Bloodmobile video (we are HUGE They Might Be Giants fans).  The best part of this museum is there is how much there is to play with.  I'm a big kid and I like to explore all the touch stuff (more adult friendly than the Children's Museum).  Loved this exhibit can't wait to go back.

The Giant Heart
Tavish was a bit scared but as long as he was with dad he did okay
Smile (what a terrible picture)
How much blood do you have?
Get that Cardiovascular system going

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  1. What a good mom you are for giving your kids a front row seat to see the world the way they do. Got my heart rate pumped just thinking about it! (-: