Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Best Movie I Ever Saw...

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So I've just joined a group of blogging moms and I also joined their writing workshop.  I'll be the first to admit my writing SUCKs but I am working on it.  This weeks workshop topic is: The Best Movie I Ever Saw.  I must say I'm not quite sure what the best movie I ever saw is.  I'm sure all my movie buff friends would suggest I say Citizen Kane but I'm no movie buff (I did not really get why it's the best movie ever).  I know there are movies I like more than others.  A few of my favorites include: Love Actually, 40 First Dates, and Shawshank Redemption.  I'm not sure if they would be considered the best movies I ever saw in terms of a cinematic masterpiece.  I like them because of the way they make me feel or I like the story they tell.  January and February is the time of year when the world decides which films are the best or at least the best of the year, but most of the time I think the movies they choose are terrible and boring (which is why I have a degree in biology and not film studies).

I've asked my almost 3 year old what is the best movie he's ever seen and he told me, Thomas.  I'm not sure there is a Thomas movie and I know he's never seen it (I HATE Thomas the Tank so I'm not even sure he's  seen a episode).  I'm pretty sure my 2 month old has never seen a movie and if I asked him I'm positive he'd just say "agoo" (again not sure that is a movie).  I asked my husband and he has the same take on movies as I do. His answer was Christmas Vacation (another cinematic masterpiece).  I think there is a reason my we watch lots of TV shows rather than movies in our house.


  1. Maybe he likes Thomas the Train! Following your through Bloggy Moms!

  2. My favorite movie is The Princess Bride. I agree, Thomas IS annoying. BTW your writing doesn't suck ;-)