Friday, January 7, 2011


December was a busy month for me and the boys (or the boys and I, I can never remember which is right), especially because December is party month. We had two parties planned and they happened to fall on the same day.  The PYC (Parents of Young Children group for my husbands work) Christmas party was great fun for both the boys.  Tavish enjoyed Rocknoceros almost as much as he enjoyed the food and Callen slept through most of it (great considering the noise).

Tavish chowing down while listening to the music
Callen and I hanging out

After the PYC party we met with my husband at a friends house for dinner and drinks.  All in all Callen's first parties were a success.

December also brought Virginia's first snow fall, only 2 inches but panic ensued and Tavish's school was delayed with out my knowledge (there is no way a Canadian school would close after 2 inches of snow).  Tavish did have fun sleding down our driveway and Callen did enjoy his first sled ride almost as much as Tavish enjoyed pulling him.
 Tavish and Callen enjoying the snow while it lasted

On the 19th we took the boys to the Air and Space Museum in D.C., Callen's first trip to the District.  While there Callen "saw" his first movie in the planetarium (I think Tavish got more out of it than Callen).  We did have a great time wondering around the exhibits.  With Callen I have taken more of a baby wearing approach than I did with Tavish and I must say between the Ergo and the Wrap, I'm loving it.
Air and Space
 Having fun in the Discovery Room
My little pilot 

After the Air and Space museum we headed over to the Botanical Gardens  where they have their annual train show.  Aside from really, really bad signage and a super grumpy employee, we all had a great time looking at the trains.  I must say D.C. is a great place to be for the holidays, so much to see and if you time it right not that many people.
 Callen with a train behind him
Tavish and Callen with the Taj Mahal behind them (this years theme was world buildings)

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