Friday, January 28, 2011

Milk, Eggs and Toilet Paper

It's a good thing we were stocked up on all the snowfall necessities (why stores are out of TP is beyond me) because I was not prepared at all for this snowfall.  While it's nothing compared to Snowpocalypse last year it did catch me unprepared, which sucked as Kyle was away which means I have to do the shoveling. At least the boys, well Tavish, are having fun in the snow especially sense school is cancelled for the third day.

Tavish helping shovel the first snowfall on Tuesday 
Can you believe they cancelled school over this much snow

Yummy Snow - at least he knows not to eat yellow snow 
Snow Angels  
 Callen did not like the wind tent on his sled
Much Happier Now 

Attempt at snow angel ...Failed

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