Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Without Daddy - Day 3

Today was another home day as Tavish had to stay home from school again because of his fever (which is now starting to get better - I broke down and gave him the antibiotics).  While we did not leave the house we still had a pretty fun day.  Tavish and Owen spent most of the morning playing with toys and dressing up. Tavish still only wants to wear his Nemo costume but Owen got a huge kick out of the space suit and also likes to dress up as a chef.  Today's play focused mainly on music and I don't recommend that the two boys quit their day jobs to start a band.

After lunch I put both my boys to bed (weirdly enough both boys slept) and Owen and I decided to do some science experiments.  I think Owen was a bit upset that I did not have any lab coats (I have no idea where mine are and I don't think they would fit him anyway) but he made do with an apron and chefs hat.  We did a floating egg experiment where we tested to see if an egg would float in water, salt water, sugar water or flour water.  Owen's hypotheses was that the egg would only float in salt water and sure enough he got it right (without any help from me) but I must say the egg more hovered that floated (not the greatest of experiments).

When Tavish woke up Jessie took Owen and Tavish outside to play (they needed it) in the snow.  They had lots of fun playing hide and seek as well as sledding down out hill.  Tavish shockingly was not upset that he did not get to shovel and I have to say I'm thankful I did not have to either as our very nice neighbor came by with his snowplow earlier in the morning (goes to show the good deed don't go unnoticed).  Now the all the boys are sleeping in bed and Jessie and I can enjoy a relaxing evening but we are going to need to make some more chocolates before Kyle gets home as the ones he made are going pretty fast.  What can I say, neither Jessie or I have much will power and they are just so darn good.

Nemo and Buzz Lightyear and Canadian Rocket Man
 Take a bow

 Owen Wiz the Science Kid

 Callen and Auntie hanging out
 Owen playing while the other boys were sleeping
 Some fun in the Snow

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