Friday, January 21, 2011

The Final Day - Photo Free

Yesterday I said goodbye to my sister and nephew as they heading back to cold and snowy Alberta.  But before they left we had sometime to do one last fun thing...Chuck-E-Cheese.  I must say I LOVE Chuck-E-Cheese but that being said I have only ever gone in the early afternoon on a normal school day when the place is empty.  Who does not love fun games for both kids and us older folk who are kids at heart without having to deal with other people.  Yes the food is terrible but a few on-line coupons you can have an afternoon of fun for 4, for $35 ($45 if you get extra tokens).  I am really sad I left my camera at home because they boys had so much fun, it was the perfect way to end Jessie's trip: the boys got along, Owen got to run around  before flying all night, and I did not have to make lunch.  While Chuck-E-Cheese has nothing to do with Virginia, D.C. or the United States well all enjoyed ourselves and I think Jessie's trip ended on a high note (aside from plane delays which were out of my control).

Like I said before I am so glad that Jessie came to visit, not just because she helped me with my sick kids and for that I am so grateful, but I loved showing her around the coolest place outside of Alberta that I have lived so far.  I can't wait for her to come again (with Jon I hope) so we can check out more fun things and do a whole lot more shopping.

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