Sunday, January 23, 2011

Birthday Parties

You know your child is growing up when they get invited to a birthday party and you're not the reason they got invited.  Tavish was invited to a birthday party for one of the kids in his class.  As a mom this is a proud day for me, as it shows my son can make friends on his own and is building his social skills (this would be less impressive if the child had invited his whole class but he was one of three invited, according to his teacher they are all friends).  I have to say going to a birthday party where you only know your own child is a bit intimidating.  I must say though Tavish has made some great friends as their parents are all really nice.  I had a great time socializing with the other parents as Tavish played and ate (getting him away from the food table is not easy).  I'm still not sure if we will have a birthday party for Tavish this year as we are heading to DisneyWorld just after his birthday (we are planning on having his "party" there with Nana and Papa).  But if he asks for one I might have a small party but I will make sure to invite his three little friends as both the kids and parents a like were very nice.


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  2. How sweet! My son just turned 5 and we are getting into the birthday party thing.

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  3. Aw too cute! The gift bag's about as big as he is! :) glad he had fun!

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  5. That is very cute. They grow up so fast!

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