Sunday, January 9, 2011

ICE and Water-skiing Santa

December Part 2

Like I said before December was a busy month with lots of things going on.  Nana and Papa along with Auntie Kaleigh came down from Winnipeg for the holidays.  We decided to do a few things unique to the D.C. metro area and thus we braved the cold (not really cold to Canadians) on Dec 24.  The National Harbor in Maryland has some really different Christmas activities including ICE and Water-skiing Santa.  ICE was amazing and well worth the price.  This years theme was the Grinch and it is truly amazing what they can do with ice.  I must say though the highlight for Tavish and I was the ice slide

 Kyle heading down the ICE slide
 The Grinch's super cute dog
Tavish is looking up at the sculptures and this is my favorite picture

There are lots of activities to do in the ICE building too, ice skating, pictures with the Grinch and carolers but we passed on most of this to get to our reservation at Rosa Mexicano (very good food).  After lunch we braved the wind and were were ready to watch something you would never see in Canada: Water-skiing Santa.

Jet skiing Grinch 
Frosty Waving HI 
A flipping Elf 
The Reindeer  
Water-skiing Santa 
Tavish having a great time.

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