Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Without Daddy - Day 2

Second day without Kyle but help arrived, 2 hours late but at least they made it.  Tavish was feeling a bit better today and was super excited to see Owen.  All morning long he just wanted to go to the airport but thankfully his  Clickstart Computer distracted him.  Once Jessie and Owen finally arrived the fun began and I must say it's going really well so far, no fights over toys...yet.  What I worry about the most is Tavish passing on his cold to Owen who seams to catch everything.

Time to wake up Tavish 
 Big Stretch (okay I normally hate matching clothes on kids but this was just so cute, I think every once and awhile is okay just not matching all the time)
 My two cute boys
I just love this video, Tavish is just so funny
Auntie Jessie with Callen
 Owen and Callen
The boys playing 

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