Saturday, January 15, 2011

Without Daddy - Day 6 (Port Discovery - Baltimore)

It was another action packed day (well as action packed as you can get with preschoolers) as we loaded everyone up in the car and made the hour and a half journey to Baltimore.  I do believe this was Callen's longest road trip so far and he managed really well (he slept).  I was a bit scared about how the drive would be as we had very little entertainment but all the boys were really well behaved.  Tip: An iPod with really good kids music can be really entertaining for kids when other forms of entertainment are not available (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse soundtrack and Snack-time by the Barenaked Ladies are a must on any child's playlist).

I knew I wanted to take my sister to Baltimore but I had a hard time deciding between Port Discovery and the National Aquarium as both are great but we really only had time for one.  After some discussion with my sister we decided to let the boys decide which one we'd go to, naturally Owen said Port Discovery and Tavish said the Aquarium.  We decided on Port Discovery in the end for a few reasons:

  1. I can take a stroller - the design of the aquarium does not allow for strollers and while this is not normally a problem when adults out number kids but in our case we were out numbered and needed storage for diaper bags and winter clothes as well as a place to put Callen when I was not carrying him
  2. I had been to the aquarium 3 times and Port Discovey only once
  3. I think the boys would have fun running around and it's more acceptable to run around in a Children's museum than an Aquarium
The boys had a great time at Port Discovery, the water works room and Bob the Builder area were the biggest hits of the day.  The tiny diner and the store were also high on the fun list but the wonders of Egypt scared Tavish so much that if you even walked by that room he burst into tears and started shaking.  For the most part the boys played really well with each other and the other kids but they did let us know with their behavior when it was time to leave.    The rest of the day was pretty low key, they boys played with some toys and then it was dinner, bed and peace and quiet for Jessie and I (we need the rest as we are off to D.C. tomorrow).

Fun in the Water Works Room 
Boat Building Time 

I love Bubbles
 Surfs Up (Practice for Hawaii)
 Bedtime in the Crazy House
 Fighting over a stool (of all the things to fight over)
Cheeseburger anyone? 
That will be $4.50 
Choo Choo 
My little Climber 
Rock hopping (until he got scared out of his mind by the "Wolfman"aka Anubis  
Lunch time - Sub deconstruction 

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