Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Canadian Difference

My husband and I were chatting this morning about what we should do this weekend. We decided that swimming was out of the question because Callen was still sick so we thought maybe I should take Tavish skating (Kyle does not skate, he'd watch Callen).  I needed laces for my skates so I headed for Target thinking they should have hockey skate laces, they have everything.  Well it turns out hockey skate laces are not easy to find here in Northern Virginia. Target did not have any.  I knew there was a sports store near by so I tried them and they too did not have hockey skate laces.  Being Canadian I figure hockey skate laces are a staple, just like bread and milk, they should be everywhere.  At least a sport store or all purpose store like Target should carry them.  But then I got thinking I don't even know where the nearest hockey rink is, aside from the rink in the Reston Town Center (which does not sell laces).  In Canada I'm sure there is at least 1 indoor rink per 5000 people and who knows how many FREE outdoor rinks there are (not including the home made ones in most peoples back yards).  There might be one real rink in Reston (maybe) a town of  around 60 000 people and don't get me started on a curling rinks as the closest one to us in at least 45 minutes away in Maryland.  So for now I have resigned to the fact we won't go skating today and I'm going to have to wait at least 2 days until my new hockey skate laces show up in the mail from Amazon.  The next big battle I'm going to have is where in Virginia do I get my skates sharpened???

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