Monday, January 10, 2011

Without Daddy - Day 1

Well today was an interesting day for sure, and I have no idea how single moms do it.  Tavish was not doing well  today at all with a fever above 103 F (~40 C) so he stayed home from school and we vegged (as much vegging as one can do with a 8 week old who won't nap).  I let Tavish watch all his favorite movies and sleep in my bed but this afternoon the fever still was lingering around so it was time to go to the Dr.  It turns out he has a sinus cold (thankfully not a chest infection as he's prone to get) and a bit of an ear infection (I was given some drugs for that but I'm going to hold off until he says they bother him - no point giving him antibiotics for a viral infection).  Tavish was looking much better this afternoon and was more of his old self but I must say I'm thankful that my sister is coming in the morning as dealing with a baby and a sick 2.5 year old alone is not fun.

 Callen was smiling like crazy and I get the camera then nothing
Chilling out watching Nemo 
Finally a smile 
And another 
Sick little boy not doing so well 
My two trouble makers 
 Hanging out
And feeling better

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