Friday, January 21, 2011

My Sick Little Man

As always it has been an eventful few days.  Monday was going to be a low key day after the craziness in D.C. and Callen had his 2 month well baby check up.  I was really glad that Callen had a doctor appointment because  his breathing was starting to sound terrible and he had a nasty little cough.  Callen has been growing a lot and is now 12lbs 5oz and 23.5 inches long but his cold was worrying the doctor so she gave him a nebulizer treatment and told me to watch out for his rib retractions while breathing and if that happened to take him to the E.R.  While the rest of the day was mostly uneventful the two older boys fought a bit but other than that all was well until Tuesday morning.

Callen usually gets up between 2:30am and 3:30am to eat but 4:30 Tuesday morning was the first time he woke up that night and when I went to feed him he hardly ate a thing (not normal).  I changed his diaper and looked at his ribs and you could see some pulling, something my doctor told me to watch for.  So I had my huge parental debate with myself to I take him to Emergency or do I wait.  Now I have this huge fear of being THAT parent who takes there kids to Emergency for nothing but my gut was telling me to take him.  Finally I made the decision, told my sister, packed up Callen and then I looked outside.  Last night we had an ice storm and my long steep driveway was covered in Ice...great.  I had to get my sister up to watch Callen while I de-iced my car and drove it down the driveway (I did not want something else to happen to Callen if my car had issues getting down the drive).  Finally we were on our way to the E.R.  Thankfully the Reston hospital is like a small town hospital but with competent doctors as there was no wait in Emergency.  I actually had to hunt down an admission person and within the hour Callen had seen the doctor, had an x-ray and lab results for RSV came back positive.  Callen was not super sick but they wanted to admit him to the hospital anyway, he did not require oxygen or an IV but they did want to watch him to make sure he did not get worse and give him nebulizer treatments every few hours.

Having a sick kid sucks but having a sick kid while your husband is away and you have another child to take care of really sucks and I must say I am so thankful that my sister was visiting as she spent the day watching Tavish (who got her up at 5am).  Kyle thankfully flew home Tuesday night and Callen was released from the hospital Wednesday afternoon.  Callen is now doing much better and this experience has shown me how much my husband and family do for me.

 Callen sleeping just after being admitted, I think he looks like a big newborn here in his hospital bed and blanket
Trying to get better with some humidified air 
Relaxing in my arms 
Not the best sleeper to have on while being hooked up to a machine 
Sleeping again
I think his breathing here sounds like crunching cereal 

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