Friday, January 14, 2011

Without Daddy - Day 5 (Shopping)

Tavish has been fever free for 24 hrs which means he was off to school today, not that he was too happy about it.  With Tavish away for the day it was the perfect opportunity to take my sister outlet shopping.  While the Leeseburg Outlets are a great place to find some deals the fact it's not an indoor mall can be a bit of a problem especially with kids.  I must say that Owen did do really well and the main reason why I wanted to take my sister was so that I could buy her a Coach bag (a thank-you gift for helping me deal with my boys while Kyle is away).  The Coach trip was a huge success but the other shopping was not so much of a success but the next trip Jon will have to come too so he can watch the boys while Jess and I spend our husbands hard earned money.  While there was not huge amounts of shopping being done, to our bank accounts great pleasure we did have a nice drive and lunch.

The afternoon was pretty low key as Owen had some quitetime and Jess and I played with Callen.  Callen is growing up so fast, he is getting so big as so much more alert each day.  He loves playing with the toys in his bouncy chair, he is getting really good at swatting at them and he loves staring at the octopus on his play mat.  I must say Callen is one focused little boy, that is until you bring out a camera.  As soon as I grab a camera he quits playing with his toys, and the huge smile on his face goes away (and he has such a cute smile).  I think I managed to get a few good shots but nothing really good.

At 3:30 it was time for Owen to get up and time for me to get Tavish.  Having Tavish away for the day was really good as the two boys played really well for the rest of the evening (very little fighting).  All and all another great day.  

(Sorry no pictures but I'll add them in a post tomorrow, I'm too tired to find my camera and download them.  Also sorry for all the typos again too tired to proofread - not that I do a good job anyway)

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