Monday, January 31, 2011

How to Build a Winter Suit for an Infant

Being a Canadian I'm always prepared for snow and cold weather.  My boys both have snowsuits even though we get snow here in Virginia only once or twice a winter.  However last Thursday's snow storm surprised me and Callen's winter suit was in the wash (he peed on it).  I needed to do some shoveling and with my husband away I had to bundle up both boys and have them outside with me.  I needed something for Callen to wear which would keep him warm so I made up my own winter suit.

Step 1. Put warm clothes on your baby

Step 2. Put on a warm fleece sleeper that is one size too big (my son is in a 3m so I put a 6m sleeper) over his warm clothes
Step 3. Put on a warm sleep sac - any kind will do I used one with short sleeves because Callen peed on his long sleeve one (I was having a bad day with Callen peeing on everything)
Step 4. Put on a hat and mitts and enjoy the great outdoors
Step 5. Put baby in snow for a cute picture and then go inside (do not put baby in snow for long as this winter suit is not waterproof).  Callen was not too happy about the snow.

If you want to use a wrap/carrier/stroller instead of using the sleep sac use another warm sleeper.  With a wrap or carrier steal a wind proof coat from your husband or use a maternity one for wind resistant protection.  In a stroller use the rain cover to protect from the wind.


  1. The expression on his face in that first pic is just priceless!

  2. Oh my goodness - what a sweet baby and very inventive with the snow gear.

    Fellow Canadian